Cohesive Customer Journey Strategy

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Craft a masterpiece of a marketing strategy and clarify strategic direction by mapping your customer journey. We'll craft a practical big picture that integrates business and customer priorities. A proven process to manage customer experience and fast-track a practical marketing plan.

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Cohesive Customer Journey Strategy

Cohesive Customer Journey Strategy

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Multichannel Strategy


Planning commences with an online-based customer journey workshop. This is a Customer Experience (CX) facilitated process that's designed to align customer and business activity, key stakeholder needs and fast-track an overarching marketing strategy - a strategy in the form of a customer journey map. Together we'll produce a channel strategy aligned to business priorities, a plan that will inform marketing investment, and a plan that will align stakeholder priorities. Creating this plan is an in-depth process consolidating years of marketing exposure.

together we can

  • Clarify strategic next steps
  • Review what you are currently doing
  • Align business and customer priorities

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Customer Journey Workshop (2 hours, online). In this initial workshop, we'll break down business priorities and align them with one priority persona - the persona that together we consider is forecast to offer you the highest return. Then, over a 2 week period, independent market research will be collated to break down your customer's journey through each stage of the purchase cycle, creating a practical map we can build off.

Independent market research - this will inform the creation of a practical customer journey map integrating traditional and digital channels. This is not a thick strategy document that will end up on your shelf gathering dust, but a practical, digestible big picture you can evolve on an on-going basis. You'll be able to circle back to this big-picture strategy on an ongoing basis for your business.


Task prioritisation - Effort Benefit Matrix. This is a powerful, practical process used to clarify strategic next steps for the business.


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Cohesive Customer Journey Strategy

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