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Ecommerce Strategy, Website Redesign

Ecommerce Strategy, Website Redesign


Shopify, Webflow



A website redevelopment project

Award-winning whisky producer Lark Distillery needed to evolve their website. The online world moves fast, and its 2019 structure was no longer fulfilling ecommerce goals. Onsite banners blocked Add To Cart buttons on mobile, the site was dark, a big ecomm' 'no-no', and its custom CMS whilst originally efficient, was no longer scalable for the business.

The requirements for the new ecommerce build were intentionally complex, with an extensive list of customisation requirements to fulfil ongoing content and revenue strategies. For example, we needed it to be deployed on one of the world's most secure ecommerce platforms, Shopify, but we wanted it to have the CMS of Wordpress to support ongoing organic search tactics. To achieve these, as well as produce the cleanest code possible, the site was developed in Webflow before being exported into Shopify.

Increase your website's Conversion Rates


Ecommerce conversion rates more than doubled with the 2021 site build. Online revenue transformed from a side-like hustle of the business, to over 40% of company revenue. A complex, strategic build undertaken in partnership with web developers Ignite Online.




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