Is Mecca doing a Black Friday sale?

Looks like the Black Friday sale at Mecca has taken a beauty sleep this year.

Anita T is an award-winning marketing consultant with 15+ years of experience.

Mecca Australia appears to have forgotten it's Black Friday. While competitors like Adore Beauty and Oz Hair and Beauty have been offering 40% off since like, yesterday, one of Australia's largest beauty conglomerates seems unaware its cohort of followers have been awaiting this day.

Competitors are having sales
Competitors like Adore Beauty have some great Black Friday offers.

It begs the question: what is going on with Mecca?

Has it gone from a makeup maven's haven to a pile of disappointment?

Someone has to bring back some glam and it may be Adore - stocks are on the rise:

Adore stocks on the rise ASK
Will competitor's sales impact Mecca? Time will tell. Source: ASX

Research from CommBank forecasts 44% of us are planning to shop the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and not only is Mecca not cashing in, but they seem to have flat out ignored it. Even their social media team seem to have been told to pretend 'there's nothing to see here' with nil posts specific to what's hyped up to be the retail 'day of days'.

Mecca is not having Black Friday sales this year.

Vogue's online site promised Mecca sales to start from Nov 20, and I'm not the only one to notice this seems off. Facebook comments on Mecca's page have asked about Mecca's Black Friday sales 2023, and been told to wait for Boxing Day... which is usually, when many of us, have already spent that cash, right? Right.

Maybe Mecca's just flat out blacked out.

Some argue Black Friday only 'brings forward' Christmas sales for brands rather than 'add to them'. But during a recession, online sales in particular can offset the impact of a recession on brick-and-mortar stores.

The only promise I've personally seen from the actual brand is a 'Feel Good Weekend: head in store to win some random stuff' (if you're lucky). This sure doesn't 'feel good' from an ecommerce perspective and seems like an insufferable blow to followers who are smitten with new incentive to move their loyalty to competitors.

...followers are smitten with new incentive to move their loyalty to competitors.

It's strange from a marketing perspective when it costs loads more to acquire new customers than to reward your current ones' purchase behaviour. What about an email offer to those on certain beauty loop levels? Anything? Even premium brands do something like offer a gift with purchase or limited release products. As a beauty devotee, I've seen nothing.

I even searched my inbox, and the only email comms is a 'terms and conditions update'.

It makes you wonder if the marketing team has abandoned ship or are being seriously constrained?

The only black on their website or app is a notice explaining orders will be dispatched in 3 to 5 business days.

Is skipping Black Friday sales a move to protect premium brand equity or a missed opportunity?

Word is Mecca's CEO always waits for the sale:

How their growth continues will show and tell.


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