The Power Of Video Marketing In Healthcare

Video marketing is a great way for healthcare providers to connect with their audience on a personal level and convey complex medical information in an easy-to-digest format.

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Did you know over 65% of the internet is video? If you're not using it, you're significantly reducing your chance of being seen online. Whether you're a medical specialist, or selling a medical product, video is a proven method to build brand awareness and credibility for health-related services.

Why Video Marketing Works

  1. It's humanising: Videos can humanize organizations. That makes it particularly effective in the health industry which can be haunted by overly sanitized marketing content.
  2. It's engaging: Those pristine blue and white colours are everywhere in healthcare, and suddenly seeing an engaging human, that preferably is not filtered and edited into a stock-photo like image, helps the brand appear more genuine. If what your offering has been created by a medical expert, seeing this expert in your video marketing can help position the brand or specialist as a leader in their field.
  3. Video can be easier-to-digest: Visual content tends to be easier for our brains to remember. It can be used to convey complex information in an easy-to-digest format, making it ideal for medical procedures, explanations, and information.
  4. It can demonstrate your value: Many healthcare related services are not-for-profit - for example, an organisation that raises funds and awareness about a particular medical condition. Video is a great way to offer helpful content and relevant medical news to improve the lives of those the organisation supports.
  5. Video's so shareable: Videos are more likely to be shared compared to other types of content. Shared content helps increase familiarity with your healthcare related service or product, which ultimately attracts new clientele.

Examples of Video Marketing in Healthcare

Let's take a look at some examples of how healthcare providers and organisations using video marketing to reach and engage with their audiences.

Mayo Clinic

If you've googled anything health related, you may have stumbled across Mayo Clinic content. The clinic has created a mammoth library of videos covering all kinds of medical topics - from cancer to heart and mental health. Their YouTube channel features interviews with doctors, patient stories, and educational videos.

Example Of Video Marketing For Healthcare
Mayo Clinic has thousands of videos about different healthcare topics

By providing high-quality, informative content, the Mayo Clinic has become a trusted resource for patients seeking medical information.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue in an Australian non-profit raising awareness and providing support for people experiencing well... 'the blues'. They maximize video with suicide prevention information, stories around depression recovery, motivation and content around specific scenarios like dealing with depression after a stroke.

They're a good example of video marketing in healthcare - it's not necessarily sales driven content. Video marketing is heavily focused on creating content of value, more so than sales driven content.

Cleveland Clinic

U.S.-based medical center, the Cleveland Clinic, uses video marketing to promote its services and facilities. Their YouTube channel features virtual tours of their hospitals, interviews with doctors, and patient stories. On channels like Pinterest, they post video content debunking health care myths.

Using Social Media Videos For Healthcare
Cleveland Clinic have offer myth busting videos on their social channels, like Pinterest.

One call-out video campaign Cleveland Clinic ran was their "Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care" series, which featured short stories of patients and their experiences with healthcare providers at the clinic. This video summarizes their approach:

These videos are a good example of using empathy in healthcare, fostering a clinic reputation as a caring, patient-focused organisation.

Doctors on Demand

Telehealth co, Doctors on Demand posts testimonial content on their social channels. Testimonial video content tends to be relatable for target audiences, helping to promote a service to potential patients who may not be familiar with the concept. Note, under law in Australia testimonials in medical advertising must be genuine. You can't pay someone to provide a testimonial if they have not actually used the product or service being advertised. Yu also must ensure that any testimonials represent the experience of a broad range of consumers.

It's been argued that content marketing is what marketing has to be moving forward. Video content for healthcare related services is a good example of why. It's less in your face, and more valuable. For medical organizations, it can tread sensitively around a difficult topic and communicate complex health information faster.

Transactional advertising (the content which pushes you to 'buy now' or 'call now') can only get you so far. These ads play out at specific stages of the customer journey, and tend to heavily dependent on the prospective customer needing a service or product like yours already. When you need to raise awareness, quality video content can help a healthcare organisation do so in a sensitive and valuable way.

healthcare marketing videos

Video marketing is a powerful tool for healthcare providers and organizations, allowing them to engage with patients, promote their services, and establish themselves as trusted sources of medical information. By creating high-quality, informative, and emotionally compelling video content, healthcare providers can connect with patients on a more personal level and reinforce their reputation as patient focused. Whether you're promoting a medical center, a healthcare product or a specific medical procedure, video marketing can help you reach and engage with your target audience.


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