Campaign Strategies For Home Builders: A Practical Guide

A well-executed campaign can reach potential customers and generate solid leads for new builds or renovation services. This practical guide offers guidance and examples to inspire a successful campaign.

Anita T is an award-winning marketing consultant with 15+ years of experience.

With a well-executed campaign, a home builder can reach potential customers and generate solid leads. Leads that need a new build, a renovation or an architect. Whatever you do in the construction industry, this is a practical guide with examples to inspire a campaign for your building or renovation service.

Marketing For Builders

Understanding your target audience

Before delving into campaign design, it's critical to review your buyer personas. These are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on market research, data analysis and insights from existing customers. These personas typically include demographic information, behaviours, preferences, goals, and challenges - usually in relation to your service.

  • Who are the people looking to build a new home in your service area? Create a clear demographic picture. Consider that some demographics will be more expensive to reach than others.
  • Consider the current and forecasted market environment. Maybe certain demographics have put renovation ideas on hold because of interest rate rises, maybe others are benefiting from them.
  • Talk to current customers, ideally those that you've enjoyed working with, to understand how they selected your service.

When you have a good understanding of your audience, you'll be able to better tailor your marketing campaigns to their needs and preferences.


Let's explore some real-world examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of audience targeting. Lux home builders like Toll Brothers are targeting big spenders. A smaller business example, Forces Property Direct in the UK are achieving campaign cut through by targeting a specific niche.

Toll Brothers have created a design studio with pre-set variables that prospective clients can use to personalise their new home. This is a great way to offer personalisation in your renovation or home building process. A blank slate or smorgasbord of options can cause prospective customer suffers from choice paralysis. This carefully considered design studio also enables the company to scale personalisation services.

The Toll Brothers campaigns tap into their target markets love for high-end finishes. This is what their target audience want, and, can afford. Pictured below is an example of a Toll Brothers advertisement inviting prospective customers to 'love every detail' and 'choose their finishes':

Example of campaign for home builder
The luxury of choice attracts the higher end of the market.

With so many options available, the team at Toll Brothers have, if you'll forgive my pun, homed in on the personalisation process. They've created an experience that attracts their target market. By inviting people to physically experience their product, Toll Brothers create a feeling of confidence that Toll Brothers can deliver the prospect's dream build.

personalisation for home builders
Toll Brothers Design Studio makes the design process feel 'lux'.

Bonus - the design studio also makes personalisation more of a set-process internally. This is far more scalable for the business than offering clients a 'blank sheet of paper.'

A smaller business example is Forces Property Direct in the UK. This company has a niche target market - British Military Personnel. Their ads picture military personnel, and promise they'll help families 'get onto the property ladder sooner, rather than later'.

Niche marketing example for a home builder
FPD know who they're targeting.

Carefully considering the type of individual you want to work with can help you differentiate yourself from other builders and craft higher performing campaigns.

Articulate your value, simply

A concise value proposition will help people understand your value. Capture your Point Of Difference in a concise manner.

  • Are you a passive home specialist?
  • Do you specialise in sloping blocks?
  • Small apartment renovations?
  • Home automation?
  • or at-home care?
  • Do you offer a super speedy turn-around time compared to competitors?
  • Why should prospective buyers choose your service over the many others?

Articulating your unique selling points concisely is foundational to successful campaigns and far more important than slick creative. Prospective customers need to understand what you do quickly.


Imagine your business has the opportunity to be showcased on a billboard. What kind of messaging would sum you up so drivers passing by will understand your business value in an instant? Billy Cotter Construction ran a billboard pictured below. The sign promises that they'll 'nail the details'. This conscise messaging will help prospective customers understand what the business specialises in. If the content was too long, readers may not read it at all. In the world of advertising, you have a very brief amount of time to communicate your value.

Billboard example for a builder
I've seen a version of this billboard, where the nail, pictured, actually 'sticks' out of the billboard which is a pretty cool advertising idea for a builder.

Whether you specialise in sustainable home renovations, sloping blocks or bathroom renovation projects, concise articulation of your unique selling points will improve your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Include An Offer

One component of a successful marketing campaign for a home builder that can sometimes be neglected is the actual marketing offer. Running a campaign with a call-to-action improves performance.


  • Free consultation
  • Q&A opportunities eg. 'Ask an architect'.
  • Fixed price guarantee (used carefully - depends on your service).
  • A housewarming gift: eg. an appliance offer
  • Grant-ready packages
  • Design satisfaction guarantee
  • Free landscaping package if you sign within XYZ time

It's worth noting that you don't necessarily have to discount your service - home builders I've worked with as a marketing advisor all report their best clients aren't looking for freebies, but they may be looking for a bonus such as 'Interior design included'.

Offers can also be based on other resources, such as time.

  • Fast start without delay
  • No material delays
  • Ready to go

Immediacy creates urgency - urgency to proceed with your service offering.

One of the best offers I've seen is the offer of a holiday via a commercial partner, while the renovation is underway.

use a quality campaign Landing Page

Your website 'landing page' is the net through which prospective clients scout out your services. A successful campaign landing page follows a proven conversion structure. It's often linked directly to an advertisement, so you can better measure the performance of your campaigns.

Think of your campaign landing page like the 'net' cast when fishing. If it's full of 'holes' your campaign investment is not going to catch as many service enquiries as it should.

Your website landing page is like a net
Your website is like a fishing net. If it's full of 'holes', your campaign is just not going to catch as many enquiries as it should.

Tip: Don't skimp on imagery - prove yourself by showcasing finished builds.

You may also be interested in: Landing page design services and Building Blocks Of A Successful Home Builder Website.

choose your channels

When choosing your campaign channels, consider where your target audience spends their time. You might use TikTok for example, but your target market may be more likely to spend time on Facebook. Channels like direct mail, social media marketing, radio ads, PR, Google ads, and your own onsite signage should work together cohesively for maximum impact.

multichannel approach tends to amplify performance for all.


  • Direct Mail - Flyer drops have dropped out of fashion in recent years, but it also means your flyer can be more likely to be read. People tend to read a printed document, vs scanning an online ad. Use recycled paper.
  • Social Media Marketing - Different audiences use different social media channels. Consider where your target audience is. Social media is great to showcase 'social proof' of your service quality and help others get to know your team.
  • Radio advertising - the likes of Smooth FM shouldn't be underestimated. Radio might be a traditional channel, but if you have a traditional audience, your campaign may match the means nicely.
  • PR - PR can be a beefy investment for a small business, but it can build great momentum and maximise your search engine presence. Its cost can be a barrier to entry, but because of this less use it, which can play in your favour. PR can generate significant results over time particularly during a recession when many advertisers are forced to dial back their online presence, giving you opportunity to magnify yours.
  • Google Ads - Google ads is what we call a 'high intent' channel which is why it can generate a significant volume of enquiries for service-based businesses. You can even choose Google Ads to run targeted display ads specifically on real-estate websites. Read more: Are Google Ads Worth It For Small Business
  • Your own onsite signage - Don't neglect clear signage and an orderly build site. Some of the best onsite signage I've seen used are simple - large black panels with classy white branding. It hides the mess of a construction site and creates a sense of mystery and anticipation.

Keep your branding consistent to build strong recognition and market confidence.

Campaign Examples

Let's look at some campaign examples, exploring how effective PR strategies, brand awareness campaigns and the incorporation of positive reviews can support campaign performance.

Pr campaigns

Public Relations can be an undervalued form of marketing, often because it may not guarantee results or can be cost prohibitive. But it's not to be underestimated - it ties into everything, even SEO. It can generate unconventional results, magnifying your reputation and awareness that your offer exists. PR teams often have creative individuals that can cultivate fresh ideas that support exposure.

Former Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, wanted to promote his home builder scheme. To do so, he announced it via PR, specifically, a press conference. His press conference from a random homeowner's curbside, captured in the video below, resulted in the homeowner yelling at him to 'get off my lawn'. In turn, this resulted in a surge of publicity regarding his announcement.

Sometimes, how your offer gains publicity, can be unconventional but initially facilitated by PR teams. While the homeowner response wasn't planned, the PR efforts were. The awareness generated can improve the performance of other campaign mediums.

Brand Awareness campaigns

Investing in brand awareness campaigns helps make your business more desirable compared to competitors. This helps make you the more familiar business, bringing down your costs on transactional advertising mediums like Google Ads. H&M Home's campaign invites prospects to 'fall in love'. Building emotional connection through advertising can make your brand more appealing to potential home builders.

reviews in ads

Incorporating positive reviews into your campaigns adds credibility and trust. A realistic star rating, like Bloor Homes 4.4 star rating included in their social media ad pictured below, is more believable than a straight A, 5-star rating. Everybody knows nobody is perfect, after all. Remember to respond professionally to negative reviews to maintain your reputation.

Reviews in ads can support campaign performance
Including a snapshot of a high star rating in your campaigns can be beneficial for a home builder.

marketing campaigns for home builders

Running effective marketing campaigns for home builders demands a combination of strategy, creativity, and channel knowledge. By understanding your target audience and creating clear, compelling messaging, you can generate leads and grow your business. Stay open to adjusting campaigns based on performance data to ensure a favorable Return On Investment (ROI).

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